Greatest Hits Volume Four


Long-time listeners know that every eleven months, we get together for a very special Greatest Hits playlist, featuring our favorite songs from the previous months. It’s one of the highlights of our year, and we hope you enjoy these great songs we’re bringing back for you!


Show notes from our Greatest Hits, Volume Four Spotify Podcast:

For our Greatest Hits playlists, Al submitted ten songs that were originally Phoebe’s, and vice versa. Our finished, 11-song playlist is put in an order that we think makes sense musically. Which is not same same order that we pick the songs during the picking ceremony you hear during our podcast.


Song notes (Quotes are from song lyrics):

  1. “Tell me, who of them will come to be? How many of them are you and me?”

    Stevie Wonder might be the greatest musical genius of our lifetimes. While “Pastime Paradise” was not one of his hits, it’s instantly recognizable because if its later appearance elsewhere.

  2. “I am just an echo bouncing off the glass into our likeness”

    Samantha Crain’s amazing song “An Echo” is one of the most intense songs we’ve had in our playlist in a while. The video is also quite good!

  3. “I held you too tight, my weakness it showed, I was in your way, trying to get close, you’re after the world, a rolling stone, alright, alright, I’ll leave you alone”

    Dean Johnson’s “Shouldn’t Say Mine” is such a beautiful little song. And another lovely video for you to enjoy:

  4. “So what would it take? And what would it take to make you learn? And what would it take? And what would it take to make you listen?”

    “Phantom Other” from Department of Eagles is a song that sneaks up on you. We’re really happy it made it into this playlist.

  5. “All these things appear to us, we learn them as we teach ourselves to reach as a billion loves”

    Daniel Romano’s “All The Reaching Trims” is truly one of those songs that seems like it could have been written in lots of different eras. But clearly only performed in the men’s room.

  6. “But they don’t know that I’m loaded by the back door, gonna come home, scrub his brains off the floor”

    Rett Madison’s “One for Jackie, One for Crystal” is a spooky and intense modern murder ballad. We love this one.

  7. “If the world lives for a moment and every moment says goodbye, then I’m drawing for you yesterday, here’s what it looked like”

    Ireland’s Lisa O’Neill has a spooky voice that feels like it’s speaking in tongues. Also be sure you check out Jason Kearney’s wonderful video for this song.

  8. “Father’s at the front door, dusting off the floormat, brittle like his thick bark, tired like his old hat. He used to wonder how a young boy travels to a grown man, said he walked on water, he was dancing on quicksand.”

    If there’s a greatest hit that had to be included in our Greatest Hits playlist, “Cold Canary Gaslight” might be it.

  9. “Trouble can’t touch my lips, straying heart, a sinking ship, now I hold you light fading light”

    Al might be a bigger Ida Mae fan that Phoebe, but we’re both in agreement that this one belongs here.

  10. “I’m on the ocean, I’m out to sea, I know my fortune, it’s you and me”

    Sylvan Esso is that friend that, when you first meet them, weirds you out a little, but after you hang out with them for a while they bring a warm and beautiful comfort to your heart.

  11. “Baby, go get in the ocean, if you’re bruised or scraped, or any kind of broken, the water, it cures everything”

    This might be the biggest surprise for our Greatest Hits. We were both maybe a little blown away by how much we ended up liking Cassandra Jenkins’ “New Bikini”. We hope you like it too.


Both our Spotify playlist and our podcast are updated and released around the first of each month. We’re recorded monthly in the warm and cozy hug of the OML Studios in lovely downtown Manchester, Richmond, Virginia.

Thanks to Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey for help in recording this month. Theme music is from “Red Eye” by E’s Jammy Jams, accordion music by Andrew Huang. Chopin – Mazurka Op50No3 by Blue Dot Sessions. Trois Gnossiennes 3 by Blue Dot Sessions. Lahaina by Blue Dot Sessions. Tarte Tatin by Blue Dot Sessions.

Featured image: Phoebe has recaptured The Trophy of Tom’s Terrific Tuneage!

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See you next month!


In the Distance, Oblivious
In the Distance, Oblivious
Greatest Hits Volume Four