Big Al Hammond and Phoebe Fowler

We’re just an odd couple. We like sharing music. We hope you enjoy listening to us talk about it.

Visible in the above photo:

  • Frank, AKA The Primate of AllStar Supremacy is awarded to the winner of the previous month’s playlist ceremony, and gets to live with that player for the month
  • The Crown of Lamar is worn by the current Lord Protector of Frank during the processional
  • The Partonic Visage is also carried by the Lord Protector of Frank
  • The Rattle of Ululation is carried by the Non-Protector during the processional, and is also used to denote the picking of each song during the ceremony
  • The Ceremonial Ceramic Gourd holds both of our ballots during the picking ceremony, and is protected from tampering and harm by The Primate of AllStar Supremacy
  • Wigs of Gaga are worn by both players, as are
  • Decorative Headdresses,
  • I ♥ MY DADS bibs, and
  • Ho-Leis
  • The Candles of Elton are lit as part of our ceremony, as is the
  • Candelabra of Bluth
  • The Chicken of Feats signifies the decantation of bourbon

Also part of our playlist ceremony:

  • Flaming Torches of Darnielle are lit and carried by each player during the processional and recessional
  • The Chime of Thelonius begins and ends each ceremony, and is also used to signify each player’s correct number of votes
  • Chalises of Fagan for sipping high-quality bourbon
  • Tina Tambourine to denote a particular danceable track
  • The Connie Converse Memorial Whistle a slide whistle used whenever we hear a song that displays an especially unusual instrumentation, background, humor, etc.
  • The Bieberator, a fart noisemaker