February 2024


As Phoebe likes to point out, February is the Month of LOOOOOOVE, and we love the music we found for you this month. Join us for our usual mix of dark acoustic, some folk, some rock and roll, and lots of quirky fun.


Show notes from our February 2024 Spotify Podcast:

We started with Al’s ten submissions and Phoebe’s ten submissions, but our finished, 11-song playlist is put in an order that we think makes sense musically. Which is not same same order that we pick the songs during the picking ceremony heard during our podcast.


Song notes (Quotes are from song lyrics):

  1. “I’m the dog that ate your birthday cake, it’s a wonderful life”

    Sparklehorse is one of those bands/musicians that might not have been a household name, but influenced a ton of people. We’re excited to finally have them/him in our playlist.

  2. “And being outside your wisdom, and stretching the truth, I was the oil and lavender, but never for you”

    Nathaniel Rateliff is definitely a favorite of ours – this is his fifth appearance with us. “Oil & Lavender” is one of this older songs, but still one of his best.

  3. “Now they come in their droves, distant cousins I suppose, to see our ancient things, magic stones, that kinda thing, tryna fill some emptiness I guess”

    Joshua Burnside is back for his third appearance in our playlist. Here he and Ireland’s Laura Quirke bring us the smart and beautiful “Far Away the Hills Are Green”.

    Also, we hope you don’t mind a little bonus content. Please go watch Laura Quirke cover Richard Thompson’s classic “Beeswing”:

  4. “Baby, go get in the ocean, if you’re bruised or scraped, or any kind of broken, the water, it cures everything”

    We were both a little surprised how much we love Cassandra Jenkins and her lovely song “New Bikini”. We hope you like it too.

  5. “I said do you miss him, she said it’s terrible, some aches are too big for words”

    Why did we not know about Canadian Craig Cardiff before? He’s a great find, and “Fire Fire Fire” is such a perfect addition to our playlist.

  6. “I’m on the ocean, I’m out to sea, I know my fortune, it’s you and me”

    Sylvan Esso is back for the second time, though singer Amelia Meath has also been with us in other configurations. “Coming Back To You” might be our favorite SE song.

  7. “Only love can end the yearning, and only love knows why, only love the color of your eyes”

    This is Patty Larkin’s first time in our playlist, but she’s been around for a long time. And performed some locally near us. This video of “The Cranes” was from a 2010 gig at Ashland Coffee and Tea.

  8. “Now I’ve played the game girl, but I showed my hand, come a hundred million miles painted in sin”

    Newcomer Roseanne Reid brings us a quiet and somber song, accompanied by the great Steve Earle. We hope we hear more from her.

  9. “I’ve never been so scared in my life, but then again, I’ve never died”

    The Felice Brothers have such subtlety, and “Nail It on the First Try” is their second appearance in our playlist.

  10. “Shove me in the shallow water before I get too deep”

    Iron & Wine brings you his/their take on the Edie Brickell hit.

  11. “If the void becomes a bore, we’ll treat ourselves to some self-belief”

    The musical collaboration of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, boygenius brings a magic that we think is greater than the sum of its parts. “Satanist” is their second appearance as a group (though Bridgers has also made two other appearances).


Both our Spotify playlist and our podcast are updated and released around the first of each month. We’re recorded monthly in the warm and cozy hug of the OML Studios in lovely downtown Manchester, Richmond, Virginia.

Thanks to Woodinville Straight Bourbon Whiskey for help in recording this month. Our theme music is from “Red Eye” by E’s Jammy Jams, accordion music by Andrew Huang. Trod Along by Blue Dot Sessions. Molly Molly by Blue Dot Sessions. Basketliner by Blue Dot Sessions. Dino De Deus by Blue Dot Sessions.

Featured image: Our stage manager Carl showing off his catch of the day.

If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us an email.

See you next month!


In the Distance, Oblivious
In the Distance, Oblivious
February 2024