August 2023


Our August episode features our usual eleven songs that we pick during our playlist ceremony, as well as discussions about some of the songs we didn’t pick. As well as a scholarly discussion about Muppet types.


Show notes from our August 2023 Spotify Podcast:

We started with Al’s ten submissions and Phoebe’s ten submissions, but our finished, 11-song playlist is put in an order that we think makes sense musically. Which is not same same order that we pick the songs during the picking ceremony heard during our podcast.


Song notes (Quotes are from song lyrics):

  1. “But you just smile like a bank teller blankly telling me ‘Have a nice life.'”

    Ben Folds Five brings their jazz-flavored pop for their first visit to our playlist.

  2. “I wanna see you roll your eyes and televise the review, I wanna make you mine”

    “Transatlantic Flight” feels like a breakthrough for playlist veteran Leif Vollebekk – this song has got a great mood.

  3. “Baby, I forgive ya, angel in the mirror, here we are now, that you quit being a quitter”

    Angie McMahon never ceases to amaze us. This is her record seventh appearance here, and we’re excited about her new album coming up this fall.

  4. “The song that was stuck in her head becomes all the words you forget, yet everyone is singing along, the good and the bad and the gone”

    We’re so happy to finally feature the smart songwriting of Haley Heynderickx.

  5. “I was glad to share your bed, often for a night or two, should have brought my smile and stayed, when I said I love you too”

    Louisiana’s Gill Landry was part of Old Crow Medicine Show, and brings his own unique sound.

  6. “I know it’s hard to be with all the olive branches breaking”

    Acre Memos is the musical nom de plume of Texas high school teacher Eric Adams. Here, he teams up with playlist veteran Lomelda.

  7. “And I can’t afford therapy with the money they pay me to sing songs for free, so I let him walk all over me, never again, girl, just to sing songs”

    We were both really moved by the quiet force that is Ruby Gill. And this video is really moving.

  8. “When I’m bombed I stretch like bubblegum and look too long straight at the morning sun”

    Former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan brings a dark and moody addition to this month’s playlist.

  9. “I just feel like I’m in crisis, nothings wrong just don’t where my life is, going on 30 but nothing suffices”

    Manana is based in South Africa. He won a Grammy for his contribution to a song, Time Flies, which forms part of Burna Boy’s album, Twice as Tall, which won in the best global music category

  10. “Do we fall out of humble or guess? Did I sleep while we’re into Gods grace? Do you fall in love with my mistakes?”

    Konradsen’s “Baby Hallelujah” is maybe our favorite song this month.

  11. “We overcome the sirens, we look both left and right, and I can feel the numbness accompany my plight”

    We’re always happy to feature Big Thief (and Adrianne Lenker) in our playlist.


Both our Spotify playlist and our podcast are updated and released around the first of each month. We’re recorded monthly in the warm and cozy hug of the OML Studios in lovely downtown Manchester, Richmond, Virginia.

Thanks to Wild Turkey 101 bourbon for help in recording this month. Thanks to our friend R for her Muppet references. Theme music is from “Red Eye” by E’s Jammy Jams, accordion music by Andrew Huang. “Hall of the Mountain King” version by Kevin MacLeod, “High Noon” and “On The Rocks” by TrackTribe.

Featured image: Our stage manager, Carl.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know!

See you next month!


In the Distance, Oblivious
In the Distance, Oblivious
August 2023