April 2024


April’s playlist brings us a few returning artists, a few brand new artists, as well as some people who have should have been in our playlist a lot who we’ve overlooked over the years. What do you think?


Show notes from our April 2024 Spotify Podcast:

We started with Al’s ten submissions and Phoebe’s ten submissions, but our finished, 11-song playlist is put in an order that we think makes sense musically. Which is not same same order that we pick the songs during the picking ceremony heard during our podcast.


Song notes (Quotes are from song lyrics):

  1. “Are we wasting all our precious time? Chasing dollars, chasing dimes, German, English, Japanese, all the sand in all the seas”

    Colorado-based DeVotchKa is back for their second appearance with us. Their wonderfully mixed-influence sound and energy is exactly what we love featuring in our playlist.

  2. “You kept me on your long line, tugging in the whole time, keep shining on”

    If Volcano Choir sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard Bon Iver/Justin Vernon. This was his band before people knew him otherwise, and a big Phoebe fave.

  3. “Well, some things they just like leaving, like people, love and money and I don’t know what it’s all running from”

    We both love how Bella White’s “Just Like Leaving” burrows its way into your head and keeps you comforted somehow.

  4. “If there’s a God in my head, then there’s a devil too, how can I tell the difference, when they both claim to be true?”

    We both really can’t say enough about our love for Matthew Logan Vasquez, and for “Salt in the Wound”. This is a great under-the-radar artist that you should pay mere attention to.

  5. “Last night I was a lost dog running wild on the road, looking back over my shoulder for the headlight’s glow, blood in my mouth, what I killed I don’t know, there was an engine in my chest beating feet upon the road”

    The quiet desperation in Jeffrey Martin’s lyrics is an impressive thing, and he’s such a great, under-the-radar songwriter. We’re excited to have him back for a second appearance.

  6. “Kissing each other like it’s our last meal, touching like we’re blind and relying on the feel”

    “Blood Orange” by Howe Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies was probably Al’s favorite song this month. Phoebe felt differently. These things happen sometimes.

  7. “Way out there where the tide meets the tide, those nights you’d get so quiet, you won’t get to enjoy them, or even to explain them to your next of kin”

    Both Department of Eagles and Daniel Rossen have been with us before. He/they always bring their own magic, and “Herringbone” fills the bill.

  8. “Of fickle faith, cynics that seethe, how their children are cursed, cursed to believe”

    Portland’s Horse Feathers have been around for 20 years, but they’re still pretty new to us. We’re super happy to have “Curs in the Weeds” in this month’s offerings.

  9. “The past and present, don’t let them haunt you, you got remote control in your hand”

    The Cave Singers are a band we’ve both loved for a while, but have somehow never been in our playlist. It’s about time that was remedied. Their simple but intense music belongs here.

  10. “Oh, I’m capable of so much more than you people give me credit for, and I just need to show it”

    The Wild Reeds’ “Capable” gets the award for Al’s favorite video this month. We both hope you like this half as much as he did.

  11. “And out there on the wooden floors, the sweat from their pores, I’m writing a list of songs I can sing by myself.”

    Canadian Great Lake Swimmers are another great Phoebe find, and “Backstage With The Modern Dancers ” is a great way to wrap up our April playlist!-


Both our Spotify playlist and our podcast are updated and released around the first of each month. We’re recorded monthly in the warm and cozy hug of the OML Studios in lovely downtown Manchester, Richmond, Virginia.

Thanks to Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for help in recording this month. Theme music is from “Red Eye” by E’s Jammy Jams, accordion music by Andrew Huang. Lahaina by Blue Dot Sessions. Country Butter by Blue Dot Sessions. Molly Molly by Blue Dot Sessions.

Featured image: An intense and beautiful ocean for some intense and beautiful songs.

If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us an email.

See you next month!


In the Distance, Oblivious
In the Distance, Oblivious
April 2024